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Your dog will receive 24 hour care from me and my family.  I am so blessed to be able to care for so many wonderful dogs many of whom have boarded exclusively with me for their entire lives. I enjoy getting to know the intricacies of each and every dog personally. This equips me to help everyone to have a fun and enjoyable stay away from home. I average only five campers at a time and welcome all dogs who love to play with other dogs.

Dogs playing in the large fenced yard.
Great Outdoor Space

The dogs spend their days rotating between the large fenced yard and the comfy indoor living space. Some dogs want to stay out more and some want to be inside more, so I let them choose whenever possible.

Dog laying around on the couch.
Great  Indoor  Space



Dogs resting on the couch.

I have two couches inside for the dogs to snooze on. I also provide each dog with their own crate for when it's time to eat, sleep or for when I'm not home.

I chose the name Camp Makka My Tail Wag because people where always saying to me, "It's like my dog gets to hang out with his buddies at sleep away camp."

Smiling dog.
Smiling dog.
Dogs are all Smiles


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